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ds-tma's Philosophy is to offer High Quality architectural services made-to-measure to the client's necessities. The way to offer High Quality [HQ] Tailor-Made [TM] Architecture is the application of step-by-step integrated management of any project.

  • TM HQ Architecture

    happens when Tailor Made mentality is brought together with the High Quality features

  • Concept of Work

    is the Integrated Management of any project




In the frame of Tailor-Made Architectural Services, there are two [2] main sectors that we focus on:
a. the development of HQ TM buildings
[with focus on “Houses” and especially on “Holiday Houses”]
b. the improvement of existing buildings.

Added to these, any project related to architecture could be undertaken upon agreement.

The offered services are:

Integrated Architectural Services

Integrated services related to HQ Architecture with emphasis on High Quality Holiday House

‐ Architecture [study and materialization]

‐ Real Estate

‐ Law and Accounting

‐ Art and Interior Design

‐ After‐Sale Services


Building Improvement

Building improvements that materially extend the useful life and increase its value, and surely make it a feel-good and work-perfectly building.

- Upgrade of the interior and exterior spaces for the intended use

- Upgrade of the building’s materials, features and electromechanological installations

- any type of Maintenance and Modernization


HQ TM Constructions

Design and Construction of furniture, housing equipment and ornaments of every-day use



Dimitris Sakellariou born in Athens, Greece

[t] +30.6932.72.35.35
[m] d.sakellariou.arch@gmail.com

Architect Engineer

Master in Architecture, NTU Athens

Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Chair of Housing, ETH Zurich

Specialization: Sustainable High Quality Holiday Housing

Brief CV

As contemporary demands in property development call for interscientific approach and cooperation, especially in the frame of Tailor-Made Services towards any client, a team of cooperators from different specializations is chosen, which guarantees maximum professionalism, effectiveness and confidentiality.

The network of external cooperators is dynamic, including excellent cooperators in every sector:

• Real Estate • Civil Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Law [lawyers-experts in issues of urban-planning and civil law] • Art Consultancy • Interior Design • Accounting

Moreover, the network includes a wide range of technicians and technical companies that specialize in building’s construction, upgrade and maintenance and can undertake any project.